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No ScreenshotBetrayal at Krondor – 10 MB – is an interactive, fantasy RPG divided into chapters like a book. Gameplay within each of the nine unique chapters is totally non-linear; you do have a goal that must be accomplished before you can see the rest of the story, but how that goal is accomplished is entirely up to you.

Mirror 1 | Mirror 2Caribbean TreasureCaribbean Treasure – Search for treasure on a dangerous Caribbean island. Cartoony, but colourful graphics. Animated on-screen character – This is an average adventure games.

No ScreenshotDare To Dream – 577kb – It’s about a boy who finds himself in a “dream” world with something gone wrong that he has to try and fix.

Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3No ScreenshotDeep Sea Adventure – The aim of this game is to bomb Neptune’s fleet. With great sound effects good clear graphics, this game could go places.

No ScreenshotDoedel’s HellwayLink Dead – Know of another link we can use? Contact us

Action GamesHocus Pocus – 915kb – Hocus Pocus is a fun, addicting platform game with colourful graphics. Send the little sorcerer Hocus on a mission to prove his worthiness to join the Council of Wizards.

No ScreenshotHeros Adventure 1.79mb – Rescue the princess from the evil sorcerer. 6 different lands to explore. Passwords given as you reach each land. Entirely clipart including the animated onscreen character, but challenging.

Mirror 1No ScreenshotHoosier City – 158kb – Hoosier city is a top-down adventure side scroller in 3 episodes. You must rid a city of evil mutants in a post-nuclear-war era. You can move from screen to screen to collect keys and objects in order to move on. You can collect weapons and money to buy weapons: you start with only a sword, but in the end you will have machine guns and bombs.

Mirror 1IndentureIndenture – This game is almost identical to the Atari 2600 cartridge game Adventure. However, it is not an emulator. This game expands on the Atari 2600 original by adding two interesting new levels (the first three play like the old three levels on the Atari cart but levels 4 and 5 are much bigger and more complex)

No ScreenshotJiji And The Mysterious Forest 1 – The name of the game surivie in this camphor forest. In this game you get to make decisions, and there are list of options to selected. You get to eat wild strawberrys, fought wild dogs and do good deeds.

No ScreenshotJiji And The Mysterious Forest 2 – No Description.

Lord MonarchLord Monarch – 1MB – Lord Monarch is a game where you try and expand your territory. Winning strategies include analyzing the layout of game maps, the flow of game, waiting for the right time to attack, and withstanding reprisals…Lord Monarch has all the indispensable elements for a dynamic game.

Mirror 1 | Manual


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